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Vancouver has become the first city in Canada to regulate its hundreds of stores that sell medicinal marijuana.

The city of Vancouver, Canada’s third-largest city, has become the municipality with the most of the best online dispensary in the country.

These clinics attract chronically ill clients who can legally buy cannabis in all its forms, including honey and massage oils.

In the affluent area of Point Gray, three dispensaries are located on one and the same 4th Avenue.

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  • Marijuana is an integral part of Vancouver’s culture and it is common to see people smoking cannabis in public places.
  • The largest number of Marijuana consumers in Canada is in British Columbia where the city of Vancouver is located.
  • A study on addictions in Canada, published by Simon Fraser University and the University of Victoria, reveals that 1.84 million people in British Columbia have ever smoked cannabis at least once. This corresponds to 53% of the population living in British Columbia, compared to 44% in the rest of Canada.
  • Meanwhile, 65% of British Columbians, compared to 44% in the rest of Canada, say it is “extremely easy” to get Marijuana.

The law with holes in gray areas

best online dispensaryThese dispensaries selling cannabis in Vancouver exist because of legal uncertainty. On the one hand, the City of Vancouver authorizes the sale of marijuana-related products as long as a buyer has a prescription and no cannabis products are sold to minors.

On the other hand, a new federal law requires that patients obtain marijuana from commercial producers licensed and licensed by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), which is not the case for the best online dispensary in Vancouver.

Dispensaries, however, do not have the support of all Vancouver residents who fear that marijuana is too easily accessible to youth and that these stores are sometimes too close to schools.

Vancouver recently shut down two institutions it deemed inappropriate.

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