The Essential Opportunity for the Perfect Weed Online Option

Marijuana and hashish, as well as can key and cannabis-based candies, are sold in coffee shops. Ordinary cafes do not outwardly differ from coffee shops, so carefully read the signs: the American coffee shop is called koffiehuis, and the coffeeshop is exactly what you need in this case.

The Rumors

Rumors about the closure of coffee shops are greatly exaggerated. In fact, some cities in the southern and eastern provinces of the Netherlands, in order to protect themselves from the influx of drug tourists from neighboring Germany and Belgium, introduced the so-called Wietpas – a pass, with which you can get into the coffee shop. In order to buy cheap weed online, you must be a resident of the Netherlands. But in the first months after the introduction of this system, there were so many violations and abuses in the field of drug sales in the country that the capital is not in a hurry to repeat the experience of the regions and the coffee shops in the country are still open to all who have reached 18 years of age.

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  • If you do not know which sort and what you need at all, then consult with the seller. In the menu, as a rule, varieties of marijuana and hashish are simply listed, and marks like “extra strong” or “super-high” are not always found. Usually, the bartender is always happy to help (unless it is a crowded coffee shop in the middle of a busy tourist square) and together you can find the optimal grade and quantity. If you do not know enough English or just shy, look at the prices: the strongest varieties are usually the most expensive.
  • In the coffee shop, it is not necessary to buy grass or hashish: you can smoke and bring with you, and you cannot smoke anything just order something edible. In the coffee shops, in addition to the main product, they sell tea, coffee, mineral water and simple snacks (coffee shops do not have their own kitchen). Smoking tobacco in coffee shops for some time is forbidden, but many coffee shops sell joints, where the grass is mixed with tobacco, so the prohibition is often viewed through fingers. You can buy cheap weed online.

Officially, in the country, it is forbidden to smoke marijuana on the street, but in reality, this ban is ignored by all and sundry. It may happen that you are unlucky and you are fined, but this is very unlikely – especially if you smoke somewhere in the park or simply not in the very center of the city.

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