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Kush is legal in Canada. Applauded by some, decried by others, the decision of the federal government leaves no one indifferent. What are the impacts of such a change? But for better or for worse, the country must adapt to this new reality?

Buy kush in ColoradoThe evolution of pharmacotherapy has been marked in large part by a gradual transition from natural products of unknown or variable composition and power, to the use of pure active compounds whose precise composition, stability, posology, and pharmacology. Given the reasons why medicinal use of Kush has become less popular almost a century ago and significant progress in the chemistry and pharmacology of cannabinoids in recent years, the renewed interest in Clinical trials of Kush smoke for therapeutic purposes may seem like a setback. Does this practice have a valid scientific foundation? The next section examines the pros and cons. One can buy kush in Colorado as well.

Among the sensitive results of cannabinoids and Kush described above, the following seems to have the potential for therapeutic application:

  • low-dose euphoric and anxiolytic effects as a possible treatment for depression and anxiety;
  • the anticonvulsant effect, as adjunctive therapy for epilepsy;
  • analgesic;
  • anti-nausea and antiemetic effect, for patients receiving radiotherapy or chemotherapy treatment for AIDS or cancer;
  • appetite motivation in patients with anorexia or cachexia syndromes;
  • reduction of intraocular pressure in the treatment of glaucoma;
  • bronchodilatation in the treatment of asthma;
  • the immunosuppressive effect in the treatment of autoimmune diseases or to prevent rejection of transplanted organs or tissues.

Among these opportunities, anti-nausea effects, antiemetic and appetite stimulation has already been detailed reviews elsewhere 12 and has been approved as an indication for the therapeutic use of THC in patients with AIDS or cancer. Possible antidepressant and anxiolytic effects have not yet been substantiated by sufficient experimental evidence, either in laboratory animals or in humans, to justify the effort and expense of complete clinical trials.

As previously mentioned, the bronchodilatory outcome does not emerge to last long enough to be of interest in the treatment of asthma, and there is insufficient evidence to warrant clinical trials of the immunosuppressive effect of bronchodilation. autoimmune diseases or rejection of transplants. Currently, therefore, the most interesting possibilities are to buy kush in Colorado.

For most healing applications, the psychoactive effects, the “high”, is an unexpected side effect, affecting the patient’s aptitude to perform an assortment of usual psychomotor purposes. It is therefore important to establish whether the preferred therapeutic effects can be dissociated from the undesirable psychoactive effects at certain doses and to choose the routes of administration that best achieve this objective. The following section discusses the current status of relevant research with respect to the four main potential uses identified above.

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