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To assess the relevance of maintaining the current policy of prohibiting cannabis, it is necessary to whether it helps to reduce the risks and potential dangers of using it. This will not be done by counting arrests and seizures, but by measuring the consequences of maintaining a black market.

Studies conclude that not only does prohibition not reduce the risks and potential dangers of consumption, but it also worsens them. Contrary to a regulated market – with quality and distribution controls, this prohibition contributes instead to fatten up a lucrative and active black market, to recruit consumers, especially among young people.

These studies also find that the laws have little influence on the decision of consumers to reduce or stop the use of cannabis. This is why, in the absence of a legal market, it is a black market – where neither the quality of the products nor the places of distribution are regulated – which respond to the demand. In addition, prohibition forces many consumers to visit criminogenic circles where many other drugs circulate. You can buy legal medical marijuana online as well.

State regulation

buy legal medical marijuana onlineOf course, the legalization of cannabis would have the advantage of putting an end to the misdeeds of the black market. However, to meet a public health goal and to achieve adequate regulation, the government should not be made dependent on cannabis income – as it has become for gambling income, to the point where the promotion of this last premium on its proper regulation.

It is because of a concern of this nature that the Senate Cannabis Report (made public last fall) refused to allow tobacco companies to be cultivated in a legalization scenario. We know too well that these companies would subordinate public health to the “welfare” of their profits to buy legal medical marijuana online.

How to approach the question of the legalization of cannabis?

Considering that the State, responsible for the safety of products circulating in society, should develop a regulation that meets the following conditions: 1) to ensure controls on the quality of cannabis and, if necessary, to modify certain components, culture conditions or manufacturing to reduce its harmfulness; 2) ensure that the commercialization of cannabis is accompanied by adequate information to the consumer, including through accurate labeling; 3) regulate the distribution of drugs and restrict access to certain places or certain clienteles; 4) invest the appropriate funds to buy legal medical marijuana online in programs to warn the public about the harmful consumption patterns associated with this drug.

Buy Legal Medical Marijuana Online

In addition, the state should also ensure the availability of funds for the development of a range of care that can counteract the negative consequences of problematic use of the drug. To do this, it should train stakeholders able to ensure the quality of this care. It should continue research to improve knowledge about this drug, the risks associated with different consumption practices and, finally, the patterns of consumption that are developing among the population. All this, to promote the most appropriate interventions.

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