When You Need The Best of Weed Right Here

Do you want to buy some grass? Are you tired of buying cannabis from your friends and finally want to get your grass on your own? Until cannabis is legal everywhere (like in Amsterdam), and you can easily buy it in a shop, you have to be careful. (Alternatively, you can legally buy cannabis seeds and grow your own cannabis).

Follow these new “Marijuana Purchase” buy weed near me online rules to avoid trouble with the police and also to show the right behavior in dealing with the grass dealer, which is crucial.

If you plan to buy larger quantities then you should invest in a balance. You do not want to be cheated on amounts or weight, because not all traders are trustworthy.

The more discrete the better

Very often the dealers/sellers make you a good offer and get your trust on the first purchase. But gradually the bag gets smaller and lighter. If that happens, weigh the grass yourself or ask the dealer if he can weigh it in front of you.

buy weed near me When you meet with buy weed near me dealer or the dealer delivers it, you have to be patient. I know it can be annoying, but many traders are on “stoner time” and it may take a while for them to get to the agreed location. From time to time you have to deal with it and realize that the traders also have a life.

Here are some examples of the right way to ask the dealer for grass over the phone or text message: “How are you? Do you have anything? “Hey man, are you cool? “Or” Can you meet you? ”

Find a good place to hide your marijuana while you bring it home. Either, in your car or with you as a person, then do not put the grass in a small bag in your jeans, this is the first place the police look. Discrete hiding boxes are handy. There are already these in all possible variations.

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