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Will cannabis soon be allowed in the USA for medical purposes? The drug agency is seizing the question. Pending its decision, the point on the stakes of the debate and drugs derived from cannabis that can already be obtained on prescription, in the case of certain diseases such as cancer or multiple sclerosis.

The debate around medical cannabis in the USA was finally opened by the public authorities. The UK Online Marijuana Dispensary is responsible (the announcement in summer made September 10, 2018) to assess the relevance and feasibility of the provision of therapeutic cannabis. His first conclusions are expected by the end of the year.

CBD and THC, two authorized cannabis derivatives

It is often ignored: the USA is one of the countries that authorize, on prescription, the therapeutic use of molecules derived from cannabis. It is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), responsible for the euphoric effect, and cannabidiol (CBD), with calming effects.

To date, three drugs are allowed in the USA, but under very restrictive conditions. Only a few hundred patients a year have access to it.

Marketed in 18 European countries, Sativex has never reached UK Online Marijuana Dispensary because of a disagreement over the reimbursement price.

As for the two other drugs, to be able to prescribe them, the doctor must obtain from the National Agency for the safety of the drug, a temporary authorization of use (ATU) nominative, justified by the absence of alternative therapy.

Go through the drug circuit

UK Online Marijuana DispensaryTo mark the difference with so-called “recreational” cannabis, banned, USA has therefore privileged pharmaceutical specialties from the traditional circuit of the drug. But it continues to prohibit the therapeutic use of the plant or master preparations – prepared by the pharmacist – based on cannabis.

Advantage: go through the evaluation cycle and clinical studies, standardize production, and secure prescriptions.

Very few synthetic molecules offer a favorable benefit/risk ratio, professor of toxicology at the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacology of Rouen. Even the medical service rendered by Sativex is considered “weak” by the High Health Authority and “nonexistent” compared to the treatments already available.

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