The Finest Sales for the best Weed: Your Options Now

In Canada, owning, cultivating or selling cannabis is considered illegal, except in the case of special permission from Health Canada. However, millions of consumers are willing to spend a lot of money and take considerable risks to satisfy their desire to use Weed or to invest in selling it to those who want it. At the time of this writing, buying or selling grass through Weed for sale near me portal could have significant legal consequences for an individual being caught.

Why not legalize this product and allow the creation of a legal Weed market in Canada, as promised by the Liberals of Justin Trudeau and reconfirmed in the most recent Speech from the Throne?

The economic benefits of legalizing cannabis

Legalizing Weed would allow the development of a new economic and entrepreneurial sector. Rather than spending huge sums of money to prevent people from doing something that they will often do anyway, we could let emerge an economic sector that would create wealth rather than squander it and let it go up in smoke.

Perhaps even legalization of the product would attract tourists. In Colorado, in the Weed for sale near me shops selling Weed for recreational purposes, it is estimated that over 70% of the tourists are tourists.

The cost of prohibiting cannabis

Some countries have legalized or decriminalized Weed. In both cases, economic reasons were put forward, but legal reasons were also at the heart of the decisions. In the case of Uruguay, reasons for combating crime have been cited to legalize the substance. Portugal has partially decriminalized several types of drugs for reasons related to public health and the mixed impact of prison sentences on the percentage of consumers in the country.

Weed for sale near me

Weed for sale near meMoreover, according to the Cato Institute of Washington, there would have been no increase in consumption in Portugal, despite decriminalization. This contradicts the arguments of those who claim that legalization will lead to an increase in consumption. In any case, today, those who want drugs will find them. However, since the product is illegal, they will have to be in contact with organized crime. And right now it’s mainly organized crime that is benefiting from the sale of this drug. To fight crime, the best weapon might be to take a large part of his income away from him.

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