Exploring the Perfection in the Weed Choice

Now, the weed price list is available online. Prices start from 1 gram. Now, you really need to find out the real price, so that you are not fleeced. As there are many first-timers, no one will know the exact price of a pot. At such times, the list comes handy in the USA. Now, with legalization customers can buy weed without any hassles. However, prices vary from one state to the other in Colorado. So, you have to keep a note of the prices. For the uninitiated, the prices are decided on the strains. You get it, being sold on a weight basis.

Weed price list in USA

Weed price list

The price of weed at dispensaries cost in between $10-15. However, there might be variations, as you cross state borders. You should know, what a gram of weed looks like. It is a size between a quarter and another half dollar. It is the minimum amount, that is sold in the market. There are other ways to measure and sell it. You can also get hold of an ounce if you have the necessary papers. Weed can be a bit expensive, due to government taxes, location, shipping, and the strain being used. The tax part makes it cost very high.


Quality of Weed

The quality is the most important determinant, that affects the weed price list. The quality today depends on many factors like the type of trichome being used, the color, and the smell of the flowering plant. The quantity of THC or cannabinoids also holds the key to pricing. The environment often impacts the taste of marijuana. More and more people are growing it indoors, to keep the quality in check. The prices of manufacturing are often passed on to customers. The prices are more or less very huge on the USA side as well as the Canadian side.

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