C4 Hash

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Get Hash for sale online with an overall balanced effect. The fragrance of the c4 hash is sweet and is available with us at a very affordable price. This can work on both mind and body and is a perfect thing for the relaxation of the body. This is the best thing that can be used for medical purposes, and if you want to avail this, then we can provide it to you an affordable price. This also can relieve stomach pain.

Grade: A
Type: Not real sure but based on the high sativa.
Smell: The smell is very sweet and has a slight lemon pinsole smell aswell. While being burned the smell instantly changes to a thick hashy mustyness.
Taste: The taste is very much unlike the smell being that it is very musty almost almond like. For hash this stuff taste great.
Effects: The high was great like most hashes but even better because it made me just want to get up and move and do something. It is euphoric in that way and a great daytime smoke but it will mess you up.Potency: 3-4 hrs
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