Holy Ghost

$215.00 $210.00/oz



Grade: AAA+
Type: Hybrid : Satori+Amnesia Haze+PitBull+Durban Poison
Smell: kerosene,citrus and woodsy
Taste: Extremely dense full bodied sweet smoke with robust flavors of sandalwood and durban poison
Effects: strong but pleasant cerebral high,temporary couch lock for up to ten minutes,then very energetic effects and focus return for a long lasting smooth ride lasting up to 180 minutes
Potency: lab tested 28% thc content
Good Strain For: chronic pain,depression,migraines restless leg syndrome, restores appetite andpromotes focus and creativity
Half an ounce for 130$
1 ounce for $210
1/8 pound for $350
1/4 pound for $475
1/2 pound for $675
1 pound for $1200