OG Kush

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Get Kush for sale online and buy from us as we can make this available to best price. It can help the body recover from the stress and can fairly reduce the body pain as well as the headaches. This is a little sweet and smooth in taste. Buy Kush in Colorado with a very affordable price. When smelled, relaxes both body and mind. This has great effects in treating the chronic pains including the back pains.

Grade: A
Type: Sativa dominant hybrid
Smell: Piney, lemony, sweet, kind of like frosting
Taste: Sweet and smooth, not too strong
Effects: Heavy eyes, more energy, couchlock, relaxed, red eyes, very high, squinty eyes, felt loose and calm
Potency: High 8/10
Reviewed by: Picklator
Good Strain For: pain, insomnia, appetite, nausea, relaxation, ADD, Depression, Migraines
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